Solspot West Coast Weekly Snow Forecast for 2/15/12

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A quick and dirty storm just barreled down through California on what would have been a pretty dry passing, but it got lucky and tapped a pocket of cold, wet, air that had been holding off the Southern California Coast. Mochilas Kanken No.2

Basically this front would have had minimal precipitation, probably less than a 10th of an inch, but the extra moisture got swooped up into the low-pressure as it cleared the Socal Basin and suddenly we were looking at a slow moving storm dropping several inches of snow across Socal’s local mountains and nearly a foot of much needed snow through the Sierras.

Right now as you can see on this part of the homepage (as of Wednesday Night 2/15) there were winter storm warnings for all of the local Socal resorts that had basically be slowly turning into mountain biking trails.

OK now the bad news…which is that this snow is not going to be sticking around for very long. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen High-pressure that has been jealously guarding this region comes back hard on Thursday and then seems to lock the place down through the weekend and possibly into the early part of next week. nike air max 2016 wit So if you gear is dinged up enough, and you just don’t care anymore, hit the slopes tomorrow (mind the increasing wind) and get as much pow as you can before the warmer winter melts it all away.

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West Coast Long-range Snow forecast charts have high pressure coming down with a pretty big hammer and slapping our smaller storm action out of the area and into the rockies, basically drying out any new snowfall and warming things up as we head into the weekend. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren rood

Further out I did notice a few other storms starting to brew up, potentially close enough to pepper the Pacific NW with snow for the whole week, but nothing gets through along the Sierras or the SoCal mountains till possibly the middle of next week…which will probably be too late to reinforce what we have falling now. hollister pas cher Still at least there is a chance we could have new snow in the forecast, rather than the bone dryness that has plagued the Socal and Southern Sierras this whole winter.

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