Solspot North America Weekly Snow Forecast and Weather Overview for 3/07/12

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US Weekly Snow Forecast for North America: Like this whole winter…it is just more of the same for the next week. If you want real snow go to the Pacific NW resorts in Oregon and Washington…with the regions and resorts around Mt. Baker getting the freshest and most consistent snow.

It is beginning to be a joke…I have written almost the same forecast for the last couple of months. The Pacific-NW continues to dominate on the snowfall totals…some resorts like Mt Baker already have base depths over 200 inches and just got another couple of feet over the last week as a couple of wet cold fronts powered out of the Gulf of Alaska.

Yes the East Coast is getting snow…but a lot of it is the wet-wet lake effect snow driven in by Canadian cold fronts that meet up with warm cells of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico…of course since we are moving into Spring it also means tornado alley is in full swing…with some horrible fronts tearing apart the plains as these systems slip down the backside of the rockies. Eventually they get forced back up into NY, NH, VT…to produce a little snow, but without good base depths it may be too little too late to keep those resorts open for much longer.

You can check out the full list of resorts with upcoming snow over the next 72 hours across the country.

The Long-Range Snow Forecasts I’ll say it again…. If you want real snow go to the Pacific NW. If you want real snow go to the Pacific NW. If you want real snow go to the Pacific NW…seriously…everything else just looks dry, hot, melty, and probably a better place to take a fishing rod.

Adam Wright
Snow Forecaster

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