Solspot North America Weekly Snow Forecast and Weather Overview for 2/22/12

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US Weekly Snow Forecast for North America: The much more intense storm track continued over the Northern territories across for the last several days…seemingly trying to make up for the weak winter that we had during the normal winter months. Check out the all of the national activity we have laid out right now…

Most the of it continues to be concentrated on NW portion of the US…with the heavy snow still hitting the Washington/Pacific NW region, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the northern areas of Utah. adidas superstar California has been conspicuously absent in those mix of states…and I am not just talking about Southern California…The Southern Cascades, the Tahoe area, and much of the Sierras have had really poor showings this year and it doesn’t look like those areas are going to get much better before the season ends. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren groen

If you look over the latest snowfalls you can see that over the last couple of days the Pacific NW resorts stretching all the way to the Rockies have been getting some decent later season snowfall with nearly another foot+ of snow stretching over much of the region.

And here is what we got coming up over the next 72 hours as the current systems push eastward. fjällräven kånken classic More of the focus will be resting on the Rockies while this slow moving string of low-pressures move on to the east, hovering over the Central US, but starting to push some of the energy across the Great Lakes and tagging the NE US before finally heading out to Greenland.

You can check out the full list of resorts with upcoming snow over the next 72 hours across the country.

West CoastThe Rockies and Central USEast Coast

The Long-Range Snow Forecasts The trend of wintery weather in near springtime continues as we move into the weekend and early next week. air max pas cher

Short-term you can see things get a little drier over the next few days as the current systems clear out of the Central US and then make their way over to the East Coast but that trip over the mountains and the infusion of warmer air from the Gulf of Mexico, pretty much turn that storm leftovers into rain, and probably some nasty weather for the mid-atlantic.

The next round of storm action actually comes right in over the Pac-NW on Saturday…striking out on almost the exact path of the last couple of storms.

So even more snow for Washington and BC along with the other Pacific NW states…then some drier, more powdery leftovers hitting the Rockies as we move into early next week…then cold, rainy weather for the east coast by the end of next week. nike air max 2016 goedkoop Yeah for winter in late Feb (almost march).

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