Solspot North America Weekly Snow Forecast and Weather Overview for 2/15/12

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US Weekly Snow Forecast for North America: Winter went “game on” this week, at least for the SoCal and Southern Sierra region which had been basking in 60-80 degree weather for the last month or 4…instead a fast moving low-pressure scooped up a bunch of moisture from a cold pocket off the coast and started dumping all over the San Bernardino Mountains and Mammoth Lakes.

That’s not all…this low is driving NE toward the Central Rockies and may arrive just in time to link up with colder storm fleeing the high-pressure that is about to steamroll the West Coast, which help drop a few more inches of snow around New Mexico, Nevada, and the better resorts on the western side of Rockies.

Over on the East Coast…there is some lake effect snow coming off the great lakes dropping a few inches around the resorts in the area but not enough to push up into New York or the New England states…at least not quite yet.

Check out how much snow is coming down over the next 72 hours across the country.

West CoastThe Rockies and Central USEast Coast

The Long-Range Snow Forecasts Shows high-pressure locking down the central latitudes of the US…basically keeping snow to the north of Wyoming, and rain everywhere south…but this pressure isn’t quite as stable as it would like us to think…and the very, very end of the charts there is a storm front forecast that may push over the West Coast. Not sure how much of a snowmaker it will be…but at least there is a chance that this stuff may crack open a bit more weather.

Adam Wright
Snow Forecaster

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