Solspot North America Weekly Snow Forecast and Weather Overview for 2/08/12

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US Weekly Snow Forecast for North America: This has been a pretty strange winter so far…in fact while last year was a bit better, this season has been more like the two previous years that came before it, both of which bucked against what most meteorologists have considered to be traditional winter seasons. Fjallraven Kanken Classic

Global warming, a long term cyclical shift, or did we just break winter? At this point it is hard to tell…but in the meantime we basically slip back to the very consistent forecast of snow over the Pacific NW, and the NE US…with a lot of dry or slightly powdery conditions for the rest of the country…oh and it is like freaking summer in Southern California. Kanken Pas Cher Good thing there are high tech snow makers for that area or the Socal mountain resorts would be S.C.R.E.W.E.D. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames even more than they already are. Chaussures Asics Femme

Yeeaah the national map…look there is snow and rain in the Pacific NW…oh, oh, oh, and more in the Northeast/New England area…there is even a circle drawn sort of over the Central Rockies that says snow…but what it doesn’t say is that it means like 1-2” of snow. Nike Air Max Goedkoop

Short-term there isn’t much change…there is a big ridge of high pressure holding over the Great Plains states…that has sort of bottlenecked the weak low holding over the Rockies…this will help it dump a little more snow over the area by the weekend but there isn’t much moisture in this system so by the time it hits the eastern side of the range it will be pretty wrung out. The rest of the short-term forecast is business as usual…the Pacific NW continues to see a few more inches of snow but with the seasons starting to shift the storms coming off the Pacific Ocean are warmer and where there was snow a month ago it is starting to turn to rain.

At this point if you can get up to the Washington or British Columbia region, that might be your best bet to actually ride some powder, but if you wait too long it will all be slush puppies.

Check out how much snow is coming down over the next 72 hours across the country.

West CoastThe Rockies and Central USEast Coast

The Long-Range Snow Forecasts There is a little more of the same…just mild storm activity holding over the Rockies, stronger stuff in the Pacific NW, and the NE is freezing its freaking ass off. Solde yeezy boost I don’t expect any significant storms at this point, but the pressure charts are showing wider, and probably pretty sloppy front of low-pressure trying to slip into the Central US around the middle of next week.

I don’t think this will be much of a snow maker, but I am keeping an eye on some of the lower latitude storms hanging around between Hawaii and the mainland…occasionally those will tap the pineapple express and it turns what would be a moderate storm series into a game-changer.

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