Solspot North America Weekly Snow Forecast and Weather Overview for 1/18/12

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US Weekly Snow Forecast for North America: Well winter, particularly for the Pacific NW and the Northern/Central Rockies, just went from 0-1000 in about 2-days. I had been watching the storms out in the Pacific and after a particularly big one (that pushed a big ol’ ocean swell into the West Coast) a big chunk of the high-pressure had been chipped off and what was left had been pressed down across the lower half of the US…effectively opening up the storm track to head across the middle/upper half.

Already the Pacific NW has been getting a solid powdery dump…but only at the higher latitudes…these storms have been pulling in warmer moisture from out near Hawaii to super charge the precipitation and intensity…but that means the weather that hits the coastal ranges has been very wet, and has even pushed snow levels up to about 7000-8000 feet in some areas.

Fortunately those first coastal ranges pulls most of the warmer moisture out of the airmass, which cools off the remaining storm energy and lets the storms hit the second ranges, like the Eastern portion of the Cascades and Sierras Nevada’s. So what was rain along the coast is coming down as rideable snow at lower elevations. In fact the higher altitude resorts in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and (very) Northern California have seen a bunch of new snow already…a few of the Washington Resorts have even seeing a couple of feet of new snow. As we head into the weekend we are going to see several more fronts, on coming in on Friday, another on Saturday…

…and probably again on Sunday and Monday. These storms are expected to drop several feet of new snow across the Pacific NW and then hit the Western Rockies with enough energy to put in 6-12” of snow for most of the resorts in those regions, maybe even more if the storms bunch up or get reinforcements somehow.

Eventually these storms make it across into the NE, which already has some storm action right now, but will get the first of these new systems around the early part of next week. While not as gnarly as their West Coast versions this will help lay down some more badly needed snowpack for the New England states.

Check out how much snow is coming down over the next 72 hours across the country.

West CoastThe Rockies and Central USEast Coast

The Long-Range Snow Forecasts are showing that now that the storm track door has been opened it is pretty hard to close it again.

As of this evening it looks like we will have more snow making storms moving through the Pacific NW, the Rockies, and the NE by early next week…

…and again around the middle of next week. It is a little hard to gauge the amount of snow in these incoming systems but it is promising that the storms are coming in straight down the middle of the country…letting them pick up more moisture from the Gulf of Alaska and the colder air that we need to mix in the snow-making potential.

Keep an eye on your favorite resorts…the live resort forecast pages will give a much more detailed forecast that updates, with weather warnings, and snowfall estimates as conditions change and we get closer to your actual target dates.

Adam Wright
Snow Forecaster

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