Solspot North America Weekly Snow Forecast and Weather Overview for 1/11/12

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US Weekly Snow Forecast for North America: Finally the 2011-2012 winter season is starting to look a little more wintery…at least for a few areas. Chaussures Asics

You can see on the chart that the high-presssure holding over the SW is still there, but it is starting to be a little more compressed across Socal…opening up a new, more zonal, path for storms to take across the US/Canada border. nike chaussures

Washington State and the Pacific NW and over in the NE, (basically the New England states and the areas that always get lake effect snow), will continue to get snow, like they have been the last several weeks, but the lower Rockies, namely Colorado, Utah, and Southern Wyoming, got several inches of new snow over the last couple of days and are now enjoying sunnier (though likely windy) conditions. Fjallraven Kanken Classic

This storm system is moving off to the East Coast where it will drop some more snow over the Northeast…but it looks like it won’t really get there till later in the weekend. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2016 As you can see the by the upcoming snow…it shows mostly Pacific NW and Alaska for the next couple of days…but I bet we see the NE spots start to slip into the table relatively soon.

West CoastThe Rockies and Central USEast Coast

The Long-Range Snow Forecasts are showing high pressure holding over the Southwest over the weekend (with a brief front passing through the area early on Saturday)…but opening the window a little more for the Pacific NW and the Rockies.

Looks like some stormy weather moving into the Pacific NW later this weekend and eventually linking up with some more moisture near the Rockies around Monday. asics pas cher It doesn’t look like a lot of snowfall but we have to take what we can get.

Even further out it looks like high-pressure may block up the Central Rockies again by the middle of next week, letting the Pac-NW get some snow/rain (it is Seattle), but then pushing the system up into Canada before heading over the Great Lakes.

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