Solspot West Coast Weekly Snow Forecast for 2/29/12

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Our Winter/Spring storms continue to funnel in through the Gulf of Alaska, piling up more snow across the Pacific NW but also, thanks to a gap in the high pressure, it managed to put half way decent new snow, some cold weather, and winds for most of the Sierras as well as Southern California.

Granted a lot of the new snow was hitting the hardest up in Washington and Oregon…as usual…but there was still at least a several inches of new snow at the Socal Resorts, about 1-2 feet in the Southern Sierras, with Oregon, Washington and Idaho resorts hitting 3-4’ feet. cheap adidas uk Telling you…it is the weirdest winter in a long time.

Here is the current storm moving over California, on its way to add more size to Utah and the Western Rockies. Cheap Nike Air Max UK It should be fairly dry by the time it reaches the area…but there will likely still be enough energy to add an inch or two at the top resorts. Nike Air Max 1 Heren groen

The storm moves out and the weather gets warmer as we head into the weekend…so if you don’t mind some extra wind as you head into Friday…you might want to power up the mountain to see if you can get decent day before the Southern Cal and Central Cal snow starts to melt.

Alaska | Idaho | Nevada | Northern California | Southern California | Oregon | Washington

West Coast Long-range Snow forecast charts are making it out to be a dry weekend. Nike Pas Cher Yeah the usual Washington/Oregon areas never really dry out this time of year, but they will slow their roll a bit, with both snowfall and stormy conditions backing off for Saturday and Sunday.

This warming trend is forecast to stall out again around the middle of next week and looks like it may let in another string of lows that mix up with some low/mid-latitude moisture, cutting a diagonal path from the Pac-NW through to Southern Colorado…which means we should be looking at the snow machine turning back on as we head into the first full week of March. Fjallraven Kanken Classic Snowfall totals aren’t in the forecast quite yet but it looks like the Cascades and maybe the Northern Sierras will even more snow (lucky bums). Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Zwart

The super long-range forecast is pretty sketchy…the weather models always get screwy as we transition seasons…so while it has some lows stacking up in the NPAC…I have a gut feeling that they will be sliding down the California Coast to spin up the eddy (june gloom) and never really get a shot at producing much snow.

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