Solspot West Coast Weekly Snow Forecast for 2/22/12

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Solspot West Coast Weekly Snow Forecast for 2/22/12: The Pacific NW region continues to get dumped on by what feels like winter-delayed. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017 These storms are stacking up just off the Washington/Canada Coastline and then driving what feels like right down route 80, tagging Idaho, Montana, a little bit of Utah, and Wyoming with a detour through Colorado

We have been getting a lot of new snow across the higher elevation resorts of the Cascades with the Washington Resorts once again leading most areas with nearly a couple of feet of new snow over the last few days. nike air max pas cher Now that the current storm is moving off it almost looks like there could be a blue-bird day setting up for the region on Thursday or possibly early on Friday. kyrie 1 pas cher

Unfortunately the calm doesn’t last long, another storm slips in from the Gulf of Alaska and begins to spread around a little more freshies for the Pacific NW…but once again leaves out the lower latitude states, even areas like Northern California which have been pretty snowless this winter.

Alaska | Idaho | Nevada | Northern California | Southern California | Oregon | Washington

West Coast Long-range Snow forecast charts Like I mentioned we will have more snow moving in this weekend for the Pacific NW, while the resorts South of Oregon will have to make do with a few weak flurries or in the case of Socal, an occasional cloud. soldes nike 2017 (man it sucks down there right now).

This storm moves off to the East by Tuesday/Wednesday of next week but the current models are showing at least one more moderate, but slightly drier storm system setting up around the middle of next week that potentially could have a few more inches of dropping on the Pacific NW as we head into the last part of next week. air max pas cher pour femme Keep an eye on that one as we get closer…it may come through stronger than it looks.

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