Solspot West Coast Weekly Snow Forecast for 2/08/12

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West Coast Snow Forecasts well you can say this for the West Coast…it has stayed persistent. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren grijs I could have basically copied and pasted this forecast over and over and I am not sure there would have been a difference.

Yet again about the only snow we are seeing in any sort of consistency is over the the Washington Resorts like Mt Baker, which got another 4-5” or so of new snow…along with the other Washington and Oregon resorts that pulled down a couple of inches of snow at the higher elevations. asics pas cher Unfortunately the storms, since we are getting closer to spring, are starting to get warmer, so the next set of fronts will pass over Northern Cal and Southern Oregon with rain…and much less snow, unless you are up super high…and not the Humboldt kind.

There isn’t much point into going into the details…you can get much more info at the resort level…but basically the little window up around the Pacific NW that is letting storms brush over the region will remain open for the next week or so…not putting that much snow on the ground but at least keeping the dream alive for a few more weeks. Goedkoop Nike Air Max

The rest of the areas, from SoCal to the Southern Sierras will continue to experience s’winter (summer and winter combined for all you Phineas and Ferb fans out there). Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen Warm air temps, dry weather, and sunny skies will continue to melt the hopes of much slopeage for this season, baring of course Mother Nature getting really pissed and unleashing some unholy storm on the region (I don’t see one on the charts so I think we are pretty locked down).

If you are heading to the mountains or just want to see what sort of conditions have been hitting your favorite slopes, click the regions below and you will be able to find a list of the resorts in that area.

Alaska | Idaho | Nevada | Northern California | Southern California | Oregon | Washington

West Coast Long-range Snow forecast charts weren’t depressing last week…but they are now. High-pressure and consistently warmer Santa-Ana flow will continue to dominate most of the SW, basically cutting off any moisture laden air that could have helped jump start something over the Sierras or the Western Rockies. nike air max 2017 heren grijs

Instead we are looking at dry weather for most of the west coast…till you hit Eureka and then the rain starts…and you eventually hit snow while trying to sneak into Canada.

About the only thing that bears watching is a bigger group of low-pressures forecast to push into the Central US around the middle of next week. The troughs are supposed to be mostly upper level events which means not much snow or precipitation, but if they could link up with something, like a portion of the pineapple express jet…then maybe something could break loose.

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