Solspot East Coast US Weekly Snow Forecast for 1/18/12

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East Coast Short-Range Snow Forecast

If you’re feeling left out because the West Coast and Rockies are getting plowed with new snow, don’t be too jealous, there’s still some promising systems on the way for the Northeast.

Low pressure that moved through the area yesterday has lead to lake effect snow today through New York, and even a little bit of accumulation through the northern Appalachians.  Most places aren’t seeing too much snow, but stand out resorts could be lucky enough to see 1-5 inches.  That’s just the next 24 hours though.

Another low is expected to move across the region tomorrow, bringing another few inches to stand out resorts.  Some areas between 1 and 3″.  Watch for windy conditions associated with the trough though…  Cold temperatures could mean more lake effect snow following the front, but accumulation is looking pretty minimal.

If you are heading to the mountains or just want to see what sort of conditions have been hitting your favorite slopes, click the regions below and you will be able to find a list of the resorts in that area.

New York | Vermont | New Hampshire

East Coast Long-Range Snow forecast

The weekend looks a little drier, although another low is expected to cross the region on Saturday.

It looks like there could be some moisture attached to this one.

The only problem is going to be that the  moisture will be coming from off the North Atlantic, keeping the heavier snow fall closer to the coast over the weekend.  There could still be a few inches accumulated at top resorts through out the region though.

The long-range models are showing a couple more systems approaching for next week, but warmer temperatures could mean a mix of snow and possibly rain.  The higher elevations could get a bit lucky if the models decided to take less of a zonal route on this one though, possibly bringing some snow next Mon/Tues and Wed/Thu.

Stay tuned… and happy hunting.

Austin Gendron
Snow Forecaster

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