Solspot Central US and Rocky Mountain Weekly Snow Forecast for Jan 25th

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Rockies and Central US short-range Snow forecast

Snow fall numbers have been pretty low over the last couple days, but we’re looking at things picking up for the end of the week in the higher elevations of the Central Rockies.

Things are looking pretty dry today, but the wampa and tauntaun are looking like they could come out to play Thursday and Friday.  It looks like a low out of the NW Pacfiic should be moving across the Great Basin and Northern to Central Rockies Thursday and Friday, bringing some snow fall to the upper terrain in Montana, NE Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.  Right now most numbers are falling in the 5″ to 10″ range, which isn’t much but could mean some weekend powder.  Friday is looking a little stormy for Colorado, but after the low passes Saturday, it could make for a fun day on the slopes

If you are heading to the mountains or just want to see what sort of conditions have been hitting your favorite slopes, click the regions below and you will be able to find a list of the resorts in that area.

Colorado | Montana | New Mexico | Utah | Wyoming

Rockies and Central US Long-range Snow forecast
As far as the long-range snow forecast is looking… not so great.

Looks like we’re going to be moving out of the Hoth system and back to Tatooine, because as of right now that high pressure that is going to build on Saturday is expected to hold through the weekend and a good part of next week, keeping things very dry.  Get some skiing or snowboarding in while you can this weekend because it could be a pretty uneventful start to next week.

Stay tuned and happy hunting

Austin Gendron
Snow Forecaster

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