Glassy Indonesian waves or fresh Bachelor powder

Posted by on Jan 8, 2011 in Legends, solspot, Travel, Videos | 1 comment

Whether he’s on glassy Indonesian waves or fresh Bachelor powder, 61-year-old Gerry Lopez understands the ins and outs of carving. How did the Pipeline master end up landlocked in Oregons high dessert? It’s a family thing. You can also check out this great interview of Gerry by one of our...

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Let it Ride

Posted by on Jan 7, 2011 in Legends, Travel, Videos | 0 comments

Let it Ride is the Craig Kelly story. A documentary about a legendary snowboarder. Craig did it all, from contest to retro soul to free riding in Alaska. Sadly Craig passed in an avalanche while guiding in the back country in British Columbia. This movie is a definite must have in any core snowboard fan’s collection. Sit back and watch a legend in action.

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Deeper Review

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Well well. You thought you were core, you’ve played hooky on deep pow days, been late for a date due to 1 more run and auctioned your vinyl record collection to get overseas and hit vertical lines. Somehow, I think all of us wishes we could be REALLY core. I’ve lived off tortillas and beans in Australia chasing waves in the desert for weeks on end, slept on numerous couches watching snow fall outside and driven 16 hours straight to get some bluebird pow then driven back to get to work on time. I thought I was at least somewhat core but then I watched deeper. Nothing compares to...

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